Live Blogging the GOP Presidential Debate

Tonight I’ll be rooting for Bozo the Clown i.e. Donald Trump. I’m not a fan of Donald Trump personally of course, if I vote for him it will be as a protest vote. I don’t expect him to win the nomination for several reasons:

  1. The GOP elite will do anything they can to prevent him from winning. This will include various “dirty tricks.”
  2. A fair amount of Republicans are politically correct types who won’t vote for him under any circumstance.
  3. Another large group of Republican voters are the ‘social conservative’ evangelical Christian types, who won’t want to vote for him as he is not a real social conservative, something that will grow more and more obvious over time.
  4. He is, as I said, a clown. However bad a person John McCain might be(See Ron Unz’s article on McCain), it was stupid for him to have made those comments, especially considering he appears to have dodged the draft himself. Lots of people don’t know anything about McCain and were probably repelled by those comments.

Bozo the Clown

9:04: The Donald refused to pledge not to run as an independent. The audience booed. Are they allowed to do that?

9:13: I love Donald Trump’s response to the question of political correctness.

9:15: Ted Cruz’s response is also very good. In this debate it’s hard so far to tell that Christie is a fatass.

9:19: Huckabee attacked judicial review.

9:22: Kasich defended medicaid expansion. I certainly support that. But can he get that past Republican voters?

9:25: “You wouldn’t be talking about it,” Trump said, referring to illegal immigration. I don’t think that’s true.

9:32: When they asked anyone if they would run as an independent Paul didn’t say so, no one expected him to say so. Rand is very different from his father.

9:40: I’m sorry to say but I think that Christie won his argument with Rand Paul.

9:43: “To honor those who died, more have to die.” They’ve probably been making this argument for thousands of years.

9:48: “It works in Canada,” says Trump. Not a good thing to get the votes of the 25% or so of Republican voters who are allergic to that sort of thing.

9:50: “She came to my wedding, because she had no choice” says Trump, referring to Hillary. LOL. The Clown in Trump comes out.

9:52: “A tax on consumption,” says Huckabee. What a stupid idea. Carson’s “proportional system” is also stupid.

9:53: I’m glad they addressed Common Core.

10:04: Bush doesn’t seem averse to mentioning immigration when he doesn’t need to. Romney and McCain were smarter.

10:09: Christie mentioned raising the retirement age. It would be a good idea in terms of government revenue, not a good idea because it would increase competition for jobs. I don’t like the idea of means testing social security. Giving it to everyone, even millionaires, preserved the socially useful illusion that it isn’t a redistributive program.

10:10: “Pimps and drug dealers should pay taxes,” says Huckabee. Doesn’t sound very good.

10:18: Paul’s answer to the Iran question was good(good politics, not good policy).

10:25: Bush was part of the Bloomberg Foundation, which funded Planned Parenthood. Doesn’t surprise me. I am surprised the moderators are asking these kinds of questions. I thought they’d be more biased in favor of ¡Jeb!

10:27: Trump sounds like Romney with his pro-life flip flopping.

10:41: Carson is complaining about the Navy being too small. Not a good idea. I do wonder why the guy is running. Is it just to sell books? Have his place is history?

10:43: Walker is attacking Obama on his Russia policy. Is this a good idea? Perhaps. The Republican base likes to hear that Obama is weak.

10:45: What made Paul change his mind on the Israel issue? He didn’t bother to answer the question. He’s no Ron Paul.

10:50: It’s interesting that Paul’s support in the polls has declined by nearly half just as Trump’s support surged.

10:51: Cruz’s personal story about his father is sure to resonate among certain social conservatives who like to tell similar stories 😉

10:58: Rand Paul is a “different kind of Republican.” Too bad he has to win the nomination of the Republican Party.

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  1. guest says:

    I was actually refreshing you and the Lion in real-time while the stream was buffering!

    Also, my two favorites for your light blogroll: Isegoria & The Z Blog


  2. GeorgeV says:

    I stopped reading at “he’s a clown”. Ciao…


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