Other Space: a Review


This is a review of Other Space, a TV Show produced by Yahoo Screen. Or rather it’s a review of the first episode, since I don’t want to waste my time watching the whole show. Other Space is supposed to be a comedy, it’s not particularly funny, and is interesting for what it says about modern ideology, not for it’s plot. Unlike other shows such as Babylon 5, which takes place in the far future, or Battlestar Galactica, which takes place in an “alternate universe,” Other Space takes place in a nearer future, the year 2105, 90 years from now. The portrayal of this future is consistent with how modern liberals predict the future will turn out, triumph for feminism, mixture of the races, and(though the won’t admit it) assimilation of non-Whites into White, English speaking culture(None of the non-White characters have any hints of non-White culture).

Some Type of Military Commander

Some Type of Military Commander

The plot is that a spaceship is to be sent out to map parts of the universe. It is an international organization, not an individual nation, that leads the exploration effort, the “Universal Mapping Project.” The public is “losing interest” since nothing interesting has been discovered.

The captain of the ship is a man named “Stewart Lipinski.” He is effeminate to the point where he will be mistaken for homosexual, but he has a female love interest. Despite his Jewish/Slavic name Lipinski looks like an Indian or a middle Easterner and is played by an actor named “Karan Soni.” I guess the idea is that the guy has a White or Jewish ancestor.

Stewart Lipinski

Stewart Lipinski

His sister is a masculine ‘tough girl,’ something which adds to the emasculation of her brother and the other male crew members. She is more pale than him and has curly hair and green eyes:


Karen Lipinski

When races mix the result is often multiracial children who in their physical appearance revert back to the type of one race rather than looking like a “mix” of the types of their parents. Brothers and sisters who look nothing like each other is something you will see more often if your country is one that embraces multiculturalism.

Third in command of the ship is a Black man named ‘Michael Newman,’ played by actor “Eugene Cordero.” Cordero probably has White ancestry. Newman, though not the extent of his captain, is also a wimp.

Michael Newman

Michael Newman

Another member of the crew is Kent Wollworth, who is White. He is also a wimp. Noticing a pattern are you? Wollworth’s pathology is that he desires the approval of his mother. (His father is not mentioned in the pilot) And he got his job through….nepotism!

kent wollworth other space

Kent Wollworth

The only male crew member who can be called masculine is the White engineer “Zalien Fletcher.” He is stupid and a clown, which has been caused by radiation poisoning.

Zalien Fletcher

Zalien Fletcher

Lipinski’s love interest is fellow crew member Tina Shukshin. “Shukshin” is a Russian surname. Shuksin is played by actor Milana Vayntrub, a Jew who was born in Uzbekistan. She looks White:

Tina Shukshin

Tina Shukshin

Shukshin is completely oblivious to Lipinski’s interest(Lipinski, consistent with his effeminacy, has not made a move) and already has a boyfriend, the Swede Ted Zachariasen.(It’s 2105 and those folks are still around!) She is clearly into him and wants him to propose marriage. But the two must be separated as Lipinski selected her for the mission despite her own lack of merit, hoping he’d have a chance with her.


Ted Zachariasen

It’s interesting to think about how, if this show were created in an earlier decade, it might have been interpreted as a mockery of homosexuals, feminism and multiculturalism. Lipinski especially is an obvious homosexual stereotype. And people would have seen a connection between the incompetence and corruption of the crew and the ideology the future has embraced. It’s possible that the intention of the show was to mock liberal ideology. The writers could secretly be right-wingers who hope people will be repulsed by it’s portrayal of the future. Perhaps that is why they made Lipinski lose out to Zachariasen, to show people that even in a future where Lipinski’s behavior is tolerated and even encouraged, folks like him won’t get the girl. But that is probably wishful thinking. More likely they are simply liberals. When imagining a future they can only imagine the triumph of liberalism, they put the corruption in there to be funny. When any alternative to liberalism becomes unthinkable, it gets harder to parody.

This is not satire, but an actual ad by supporters of Obamacare

This is not satire, but an actual ad by supporters of Obamacare


I consider the moon landings to be the second greatest achievement of America as a nation, second only to winning World War II. It was an achievement of a particular people, but cannot in our modern ideology be named as such. The astronauts, scientists and engineers who contributed to the project were around 90+% White; the rest were Jewish.

Space exploration has a powerful grasp on the human imagination. If any individual went to sleep today and awoke in the year 3000, there’s a good chance they will be most interested in what progress has been made in space exploration. We all know it must, eventually, be done, but must we do it right now? Shortly after the moon landing, the New York Times published an article describing the reactions of Black Americans:

Miss Drew, who is an attorney for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, added: “If America fails to end discrimination, hunger and malnutrition then we must conclude that America is not committed to ending discrimination, hunger and malnutrition. Walking on the moon proves that we do what we want to do as a nation.”


The NAACP executive director, Roy Wilkins, called the moon shot “a cause of shame,” and added, “there’s something wrong with the Government’s priority system.” And in Mississippi, Charles Evers said: “The billions of dollars spent on this moon exploration program means that it will be even longer before America begins to keep her promises to the poor.”

The differences between the black and white reactions to the moon walk point up the deep sense of alienation that much of black America feels for this affluent society that seems to many to place real equality for the black and the poor in a priority behind those of the war in Vietnam, the space program and efforts to curb inflation.

And more and more, the million[sic] spent in Vietnam and in space serve to convince more and more black Americans that heir country can, indeed, “do whatever it is committed to do.”

Dr. Benjamin W. Watkins, the honorary “Mayor of Harlem,” wrote in the Negro weekly, the Amsterdam News, that the money could have best been spent on the rehabilitation of the cities. And noting the lack of response from the black community, he said: “the world does not stop even if a trio of astronauts get off it.” (Blacks and Apollo: Most Couldn’t Have Cared Less, July 27, 1969, New York Times)

This is similar to the attitude of the modern left, which demands that America end poverty, racism, sexism, ect and “diversify” itself through mass immigration and all it’s institutions through affirmative action. They are sure these goals are easily achievable, most would say they cannot take more than a generation to achieve so long as the Right Person is elected. Then the space program can be given the funding it needs and our multicultural crew of effeminate men and Strong Women can explore the stars. It wouldn’t be fair to put all the blame for the lack of progress in space on the Left. The Republican Party, dominated by neoconservative and vaguely libertarian ideas, has always put giving tax cuts to the wealthy first. NASA was a part of the budget both sides could agree on cutting.

NASA Budget as a percentage of Federal Government Spending

NASA Budget as a percentage of the total Federal Budget

In ‘Other Space,’ like most TV shows about space, there is some kind of “artificial gravity” and no discussion of shielding the ship from harmful cosmic rays. The ship is also very large considering the number of crew members. Those disturbed by it’s portrayal of space exploration can rest assured that in real life space exploration will involve much harsher conditions. The spaceships of the future will have cramped spaces. Artificial gravity will be created by rotation if it exists at all. If the ship is to spend a significant time outside low earth orbit, it may not even be able to have windows.(Because of the radiation, you see) Wherever they are from, the first explorers won’t be wimps.

Perhaps we should be grateful for the hostile conditions of outer space. It will assure that the race that does colonize it will be a race worthy of colonizing it.

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