Lie Detection

We have “lie detectors” now but they are unreliable and border on pseudoscience.(McInnes, 2015) But what if in the future someone creates a brain scan lie detector that is 99.95% accurate? I’m not saying this is going to happen. If it did, it would be a radical change. Everyone could be scanned every three months for two questions: “have you committed a crime” and “are you planning on committing a crime?” The only crimes there would be would be very impulsive ones like the occasional bar fight. A world free of crime will be much safer and less corrupt. Third world countries, assuming they can afford the technology, would benefit the most.

It’s use in the private sector would depend on if and how the government restricts it. Businesses will use it to eliminate employee laziness. Or use it in negotiations. Is this *really* the best deal you can afford to give us?

Many religious organizations will condemn the lie detectors for various good and idiotic reasons. But some will embrace it, some will even claim it’s a gift from God. It will be used to root our nonbelievers and sinners. Political organizations, and maybe even our government, will use it to exclude ideological dissenters. Men and women will use it to test the their partners’ fidelity.

In politics it will reveal the secret motivations and prejudices that drive political discourse. Foreseeing this, political organizations will launch campaigns telling their followers not to use the lie detection machines.

The lie detection will disprove the Left’s kumbaya view of human nature. When the technology is first used I expect lots of exclamation-point laden articles from the Left lamenting how incurably “selfish,” “sexist,” and “racist” the people have been discovered to be. On the other hand by eliminating crime and corruption it will make a “multicultural society” more attractive.

In dictatorial societies it will make coups much harder. Our government officials will use it to assure the loyalty of their underlings.

It will not all be good. Unless it is paired with an overall move to a more equal society,(and I mean that honestly, not the faux “equality” of the Left) it’s result will be to increase the wealth and power of the wealthy at the expense of everyone else, another contributor to the Average is Over world. Bosses will gain from using it on their workers and workers would have no recourse.

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