Demographics of the American Media Elite

How much truth is it to the belief that Jews have a large, even dominating amount of control over Hollywood and the American media? In this post I attempt to quantify the ethnic balance of power by counting and then graphing the ethnicity of the president, CEO, founder, owner and chairman, if these positions exist, in major media companies, as of July 1 2015. I also graphed the publisher and editor of major American newspapers. Links to sources are provided for the individuals who I could identify. Here, I classify “White” as anyone who is a non-Hispanic, non-Jewish White, and “Mixed” as anyone with mixed White and Jewish descent. “Non-White” means anyone who is neither Jewish nor White. In numerous cases I was not able to find anything definitive however where circumstantial evidence indicated the individuals identity I classed him as the ethnicity I believe him to be with an asterisk next to the individuals name. If I found nothing to indicate ethnicity I classified the individual as “unknown.” If you have any additional information on the ethnicity of people on this list, or if you see any mistakes in my categorizations, leave it in the comments and I will edit it accordingly.

Here is the full list by alphabetic order and by industry(click to enlarge):

industrydems alphabetdems

Here is a series of pie charts of the proportions of individuals occupying the positions cited(click to enlarge):


For the ethnic proportion of the total American population I used the census data on race and data from the 2013 Pew Survey of Jews to estimate the Jewish and partially Jewish population. Those who were Jewish according to Pew are 1.8% of America’s population. 1.6% of the American population are partly Jewish.(Pew Survey, 2013) Data on the number of middle eastern Americans is all over the place, I took a fairly conservative estimate of 1% of America’s population as being middle Eastern. The White population is calculated as 59.3%, taken from the 63.7% of Americans who are considered White minus the Jews, partial Jews and Middle Easterners. 37.3% of the population is non-White, taken from the number of non-Whites in the census plus the Middle Easterners.(United States Census, 2010) The individuals listed here are mostly over age 40. Thus you would expect proportionally more Whites and Jews(because these populations are older) and less non-Whites and partial Jews than a “perfect” representation even if ethnicity were “irrelevant.”


This was inspired by numerous charts I found on anti-Semitic websites that describe Jewish control of the media through a chart of individuals which describe the President, CEO, Founder, Owner, Vice President and Chairman of major Hollywood and Media companies.(Daily Stormer, 2013 [archived], Via Proxy, 2009 [archived], Reddit Conspiracy, 2015 [archived])

I found three problems with these charts:

1) They did not separate partial Jews from full Jews, counting them all as “Jews.”

2) They did not provide a list of references proving the ethnicity of the individuals or their positions cited, leaving it to the reader to confirm. There were numerous factual inaccuracies I found in the charts.

3) I suspected the companies included might be biased to inflate the number of Jews cited as controlling “the media.”

In the analysis below I will provide a list of sources documenting the ethnicity of the individuals occupying the positions cited, and will provide justifications for the methodology of including and excluding certain Hollywood and media Companies. In most web citations I provide both the webpage itself and an archived page in case the webpage goes down in the future or the individual occupying the position changes. The archived page usually takes a little bit longer to load than the page itself.

I only included the largest companies in each category, the six largest Hollywood studios, the ten largest Newspapers, the ten largest magazine publishing companies, the largest television news stations, the three major news agencies, and the six largest television networks. I also included Google, the largest search engine, Facebook, the largest social network and Youtube, the largest video hosting website. I listed the parent companies of all these companies. Often the parent companies will themselves have parent companies, I listed these as well. President, Chairman and CEO are not the only executive positions, I restricted my listing to these positions because they are the most powerful. Often companies only will have one or two of these positions, or one individual will occupy multiple positions, such as being the “chairman and CEO” of the company. I did not list vice president because many companies have many vice presidents. Many of these companies are publicly traded companies. If these companies have a majority shareholder then that individual and their ethnicity will be listed, if not it will be marked simply as a publicly traded company(PTC).

Possible Sources of Bias:

One(unavoidable) source of bias here is the fact that Jews in these positions seem more likely to discuss and place importance on their ethnicity than are gentiles. They are also more likely to participate in and donate to ethnic organizations which can be used to identify their ethnicity. Another source of bias is the surnames. No gentile would ever change their name to “Goldberg” or “Kohen,” plenty of Goldbergs and Kohens have changed their name to an Anglo-Saxon name. Having an Anglo-Saxon name alone is not enough to classify someone as White. This should be kept in mind when looking at the “unknowns” here and considering their ethnicity.

Other Ways to Measure Over representation and Control:

This is only a chart of the founders and executive management teams. I did not count the directors and writers. In Jews and the New American Scene, it is claimed that “26 percent of the reporters, editors, and executives of the major print and broadcast media, 59 percent of the directors, writ­ers, and producers of the 50 top-grossing motion pictures from 1965 to 1982, and 58 percent of directors, writers, and producers in two or more primetime television series” were Jewish.(Lipset and Raab, 1995) I do not know of any more recent study.


Jews are very well represented in Hollywood and the media despite their small size. Whites, on the other hand, are underrepresented in all categories measured. Even if all the individuals classified as “unknown” were instead classified as “White,” White people would still be underrepresented relative to their proportion of the population in all the categories. Non-Whites are even more underrepresented. Not a single President, Chairman or CEO in any of these companies is a Black American.

At the same time the proportions cited cannot really be described as proving Jewish “domination” of the industry. There a notable number of White run media companies. The leftist orientation of the media can not exclusively be ascribed to Jewish influence, though it certainly is a major factor.

Full list of companies and individuals:

Below I provide the links to show the position and I justify the inclusion of the companies:

Hollywood Studios
Parent Companies of Hollywood Studios
Companies owning the Newspapers
Television News Media
Parent Companies of Television News Media
Magazine Publishing Companies
News Agencies
Television Networks
Google and Social Media

Hollywood Studios:

For Hollywood Studios I included the “Big Six” studios, Warner Bros Entertainment, Walt Disney Pictures, Universal Studios, Columbia Pictures, 20th Century Fox, and Paramount Pictures. All these studios are owned by larger parent companies, some of which have significant representation in other areas of media. Here I will only list the Big Six Studios and the parent companies, and parents of their parents, if applicable. It is easy to confuse these companies, for example ‘Walt Disney Studios’ and ‘Walt Disney Pictures’ are not the same thing and have different people in charge of them. 20th Century Fox is owned by a company named 21st Century Fox. There are numerous smaller studios, the largest of which is Lionsgate. Other notable studios, such as Pixar, are subsidiaries of the companies listed above. To keep the methodology consistent and avoid potential bias I will not count these smaller studios.

The Big Six:

Warner Brothers was founded by the four Warner Brothers, Albert, Harry, Sam and Jack Warner, who were Jewish. It’s Chairman and CEO is Kevin Tsujihara, who is Japanese. (Wikipedia, 2015) It’s president is Jeffrey R. Schlesinger(, 2015 [archived]) I was not able to find anything definitive on Schlesinger’s ethnicity, however he has a Germanic surname and Jewish looks, and took part in an ‘Acadamy Day’ conference in Jersusalem “to promote cooperation between the US and Israeli entertainment industries.”(Jerusalem Post, 2014 [archived]) For these reason I classified him as “probably Jewish.”

Walt Disney Pictures was founded by Walt Disney, a White gentile. Sean Bailey is it’s President. I see no evidence that Bailey is Jewish and he has a White gentile look.(Wikipedia, 2015) It has no CEO or chairman.

Universal Studios is owned by NBCUniversal which is itself owned by Comcast. It was founded by Carl Laemmle, Mark Dintenfass, Charles O. Baumann, Adam Kessel, Pat Powers, William Swanson, David Horsley, Robert H. Cochrane, and Jules Brulatour, a group of both Jews and gentiles. It’s chairman is Ronald Meyer, who is Jewish(Wikipedia, 2015) It’s president is Larry Kurzweil and it’s CEO is James Schamus (Bloomberg Business, 2015 [archived]) Kurzweil looks very Jewish, has a Jewish surname, and was the winner of the “William Shatner Humanitarian award.”(Jewish Journal, 2009 [archived]), thus he is classified as probably Jewish. Schamus is Jewish(NYTimes, 2010)

Columbia Pictures was founded by Harry Cohn, Jack Cohn, and Joe Brandt. The Cohn brothers were Jewish, I did not find anything to confirm the ethnicity of Brandt, his Jewish surname, Jewish looks and association with many Jews as business partners, especially in the 1920s and 1930s, might imply a Jewish origin. I have classified him, with his partners, as Jewish.(Wikipedia, 2015) Columbia Pictures’ president is Doug Belgrad. I found no evidence on his ethnicity though some people on the internet have alleged that he is Jewish, thus he is classified as “unknown.” Michael M Lynton is Columbia’s Chairman.(Bloomberg Business, 2015 [archived]) Lynton is Jewish.(NYTimes, 2014)

20th Century Fox was founded by a Jew named Joseph Michael Schenck and a White gentile named Darryl Francis Zanuck. Jim Gianopulos, a Greek American, is it’s CEO and Chairman. There is no position of President.(Wikipedia, 2015)

Paramount Pictures was founded by Adolf Zucker, Jesse Lasky and W. W. Hodkinson. The former two are Jews. Hodkinson is described in the Dearborn Independent as a “Scotchman.”(Dearborn Independent, 1921) Hodkinson is a gentile surname and Hodkinson was born in Pueblo, Colorado in 1881, thus I classify Hodkinson as gentile. Brad Grey, who is Paramount’s chairman and CEO, is Jewish.(Wikipedia, 2015) Marc Evans is Paramount’s new president. I could find no information of his ethnicity so I classify him as “unknown.”(Paramount, 2015 [archived])

Parent Companies of the Hollywood Studios:

Time Warner is a major media conglomerate which owns Warner Bros studios. It was formed through a merger of the Warner Communications and Time, Inc. It’s Chairman and CEO is Jeffrey Bewkes, a White gentile.(Wikipedia, 2015)

Walt Disney Studios is the parent company of Walt Disney Pictures. Walt Disney Pictures provides the majority of Wat Disney Studios’ income, however Walt Disney Studios also owns Lucasfilm, Pixar Animation Studios and The Muppets Studio. It’s current chairman is Alan F Horn and it’s president is Alan Bergman.(Wikipedia, 2015) Horn looks very Jewish and was featured in an article on the Jewish Business News website, implying but not confirming his Jewishness.(Jewish Business News, 2014 [archived]) An article in the Jewish Journal also implies than Horn is Jewish.(Jewish Journal, 2006 [archived]) Alan Bergman also has a Jewish surname and very Jewish looks, thus I classified both of these individuals as “probably Jewish.”

Walt Disney Company is the parent company of Walt Disney Studios. It’s chairman and CEO is Bob Iger, who is Jewish.(Wikipedia, 2015)

NBCUniversal was founded through a merger of NBC and Vivendi Universal Entertainment. It is the parent compnay of Universal Pictures. It’s own parent company is Comcast. It’s President and CEO is Stephen Burke, a White gentile.(Wikipedia, 2015) It’s Chairman is Matt Bond.(NBCUniversal, 2015 [archived]) I could find no information on Bond’s ethnicity however due to his gentile name and appearance I will assume he is gentile.

Comcast was founded by Ralph J Roberts and Daniel Aaron. Roberts is Jewish. Aaron is Jewish.(New York Times, 2003 [archived]) It’s current chairman and CEO is Brian L Roberts, son of Ralph J Roberts, also Jewish(Wikipedia, 2015)

The Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group is the parent company of Columbia Pictures. It is owned by Sony. It’s president is Jeff Blake.(Bloomberg Business, 2015, [archived]) I could find no information on Blake’s ethnicity.

Sony Pictures Entertainment is the parent company of Columbia Tristar. It’s chairman and CEO is Michael Linton, who is Jewish(Wikipedia, 2015)

Sony is the parent company of Sony Pictures Entertainment. It was founded by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita. Kazuo Hirai is it’s president and CEO and Osamu Nagayama is it’s Chairman. All are Japanese.(Wikipedia, 2015)

Fox Entertainment Group is the parent company of 20th Century Fox. It “operates through four segments, mainly filmed entertainment, television stations, television broadcast networks, and cable network programming.”(Wikipedia, 2015) As with 20th Century Fox, Jim Gianopulos is the Chairman and CEO.

21st Century Fox is the parent Company of Fox Entertainment Group. Rupert Murdoch, a White gentile, is the founder and Chairman of 21st Century Fox, his son James Murdoch is the CEO. Chase Carey is the President.(Wikipedia, 2015) I presume Carey is a White gentile based on his looks and name.

Viacom is the parent company of Paramount Pictures. It’s executive chairman is Summer Redstone, who is Jewish. It’s president and CEO is Philippe Dauman. Dauman was identified as Jewish by a writer for the Jewish Daily Forward(Jewish Daily Forward, 2012 [archived])


What follows is the list of major newspapers. I decided to include the 10 highest circulating newspapers in the United States according to Wikipedia.(Wikipedia, 2015) They are listed here in order. Note that the highest circulating newspapers have much greater circulation than the lower circulating ones and an order of magnitude more influence. Here I list the Publisher, if applicable, the most senior editor, the founder and the owning company. I will then list the ethnicity of those at the owning company.

There is no official post of “publisher” for the Wall Street Journal, the Editor and Chief is Gerald Baker. I ahev not been able to find any information on Baker’s ethnicity. Charles Dow, Edward Jones, and Charles Bergstresser, all White gentiles, were the founders of the WSJ.(Wikipedia, 2015)

The Publisher of the New York Times is Arthur Sulzberger Jr. Sulzberger is half Jewish. Dean Baquet, who is Black, is the editor. Henry Jarvis Raymond and George Jones were both White gentiles who founded the paper.(Wikipedia, 2015)

The USA Today was until recently published by Larry Kramer, however Kramer recently stepped down as publisher, leaving the post vacant. David Calloway is the Cheif Editor, his ethnicity is unclear. A White gentile, Al Nuerath, founded the paper.(Wikipedia, 2015)

The publisher of the Los Angeles Times is Austin Buetner. Davan Maharaj is the chief editor. The LA times was founded by Nathan Cole Jr. and Thomas Gardiner, both White genties.(Wikipedia, 2015) Buetner is half Jewish(Our Weekley, 2011 [archived]) Based on his name, looks and the fact that he is a “native of Trinidad,” Maharaj is presumably Indian.(Los Angeles Times, 2015)

The publisher of the New York Daily News is Mortimer Zuckerman, who is Jewish. The editor is Colin Mier, who is a White gentile. The NY Daily News was founded by Joseph Medill Patterson, who I classify, based on his looks and his name, as probrably gentile.(Wikipedia, 2015)

The publisher of the New York Post is Jesse Angelo. It’s editor is Col Allan. It was founded by Alexander Hamilton. Angelo looks vaguely Northern European and I could find nothing on his ethnicity. He is married to a Jewish woman(Jewish Week, 2013 [archived]). I was not able to find anything on Col Allan either.

The publisher of the Washington Post is Fred Ryan. Due to his surname, looks and longtime advocacy for Republican causes I classify him as probably gentile. The Editor is Martin Baron, who is Jewish. It was founded by a White gentile, Stilson Hitchens, and is owned by White/Cuban billionaire Jeff Bezos who I classify as non-White. (Wikipedia, 2015) It may strike you as ridiculous to cite Bezos as being non-White, however since that’s how he would be classified in the census that’s how I’m classifying him here.

The Chicago Sun Times is published by Tim Knight and the Editor is Jim Kirk, I was not able to find evidence for the ethnicity of either.(Wikipedia, 2015)

The publisher  of the Denver Post is Mac Tully. I found nothing to indicate his ethnicity. The editor is Gregory Moore, who is Black. The paper was founded in 1983 by William Dean Singleton and Richard Scudder, who are of unclear ethnicity.(Wikipedia, 2015)

The publisher of the Chicago Tribune is Tony Hunter and the editor is Gerould Kern. It was founded by James Kelly, John E. Wheeler and Joseph K. C. Forrest, all White gentiles.(Wikipedia, 2015) I found no evidence about the ethnicity of Hunter or Kern.

Companies owning the major newspapers:

News Corp is the company which owns both the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post. It was founded by White gentile Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch is the Chairman and Robert Thomson is the CEO.(News Corp, 2015 [archived]) Thomson is a White gentile.(Wikipedia, 2015)

The New York Times Company owns the New York Times. It’s Chairman and CEO is Arthur Sulzberger Jr. and it’s president is Mark Thompson. Thompson is a White Gentile.(Wikipedia, 2015)

The Gannett Company prints USA Today. Marjorie Magner is the Chairman. Magner is Jewish.(Fortune, 2005 [archive])The president and CEO is Gracia Martore. Based on her Italian name and surname I classified her as “probably White.” The Company was founded by Frank Gannett, a White gentile.(Wikipedia, 2015)

Tribune Publishing owns both the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune. It’s president and CEO is Jack Griffin and it’s chairman is Eddy Hartenstien. I could find nothing on Griffin’s ethnicity. Due to his name and Jewish looks I classified Eddy Hartenstien as probably Jewish.(Wikipedia, 2015)

Wrapports is a privately owned company which publishes the Chicago Sun Times and the Chicago Reader. It is owned by Michael W. Ferro Jr. It is likely that Ferro is Jewish, he is listed as a major donor of between 100,000$ and 499,000$ to the Illinois Holocaust Museum.(Illinois Holocaust Museum, 2015) Ferro also recieved the “Civic Leadership Award by the American Jewish Committee.”(AJC Chicago, 2015 [archived]) I classify him as “probably Jewish.”

Digital First Media owns the Denver Post and many other local media outlets. It’s CEO is John Patton and it’s President is Steve Rossi. I could not find anything on their ethnicity. Since “Rossi” is an Italian surname I classify as probably a White gentile.(Digital First Media, 2015 [archived])

Television News Media:

Here I list the six major television news programs, ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and NBC.

The president of ABC News is James Goldston. I couldn’t find anything on his ethnicity but I classified him as “probably Jewish” due to his Jewish surname and looks.(Wikipedia, 2015)

The president of CBS News is David Rhodes. Rhodes is half Jewish.(Townhall, 2013 [archived])

The president of CNN is Jeff Zucker, who is Jewish.(Wikipedia, 2015) It has 25 founders, some White and some Jewish.(Wikipedia, 2015)

Fox News is owned by Fox Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of 21st Century Fox. It’s president is Roger Ailes, who is a White gentile.(Wikipedia, 2015).

MSNBC was created by Tom Rogers and is owned by NBCUniversal News Group. I classified Rogers as “unknown.”It’s president is Phil Griffin. I have found no evidence that Griffin is Jewish(despite a relatively high profile) so I termed him “probably gentile.”(Wikipedia, 2015)

NBC News is a division of NBC. It’s president is Deborah Turness. Due to her very Jewish first name I classified her as “probably Jewish.”(Wikipedia, 2015)

Parent Companies of the Television News Media:

ABC’s president is Paul Lee.(Wikipedia, 2015) He is Jewish.(Hollywood Reporter, 2014 [archived])

ABC is a subsidiary of the Disney-ABC Television Group. The Group’s president is Ben Sherwood.(Wikipedia, 2015) Sherwood is Jewish.(Jewish Journal, 2012 [archived])

CBS News is owned by CBS Corporation. CBS  was founded by William S Paley, who was Jew. The president and CEO of CBS corporation is Leslie Moonves, who is Jewish. (Wikipedia, 2015) Summer Redstone, Jewish as shown before, is the executive chairman.

CNN is owned by the Turner Broadcasting system, a division of Time Warner. It was founded by Ted Turner, a gentile. It’s Chairman and CEO is John K Martin, I could find nothing on his ethnicity. It’s president is David Levy, a surname almost exclusively Jewish, thus I classified him as “probably Jewish.”(Wikipedia, 2015)

The CEO of NBCUniversal Television group is Andrew Lack.(Wikipedia, 2015) Lack has a very Jewish look and Kevin MacDonald claimed that he is Jewish.(MacDonald, 1998)

NBC was founded by Radio Corporation of America. It’s CEO is Stephen Burke, a gentile(Wikipedia, 2015), and it’s chairman is Ted Harbert.(Wikipedia, 2015) I could not find anything on Harbert’s ethnicity.

Magazine Publishing Companies:

Listed are the top ten magazine publishers by circulation in the United States. All of these companies publish multiple magazines(Spyglass Intelligence, 2015 [archived])

Time Inc publishes Time Magazine, it’s namesake and also Sports Illustrated, Travel + Leisure, Food & Wine, Fortune, People, InStyle, Life, Golf Magazine, Southern Living, Essence, This Old House, All You, Real Simple, and Entertainment Weekly. It was founded by Henry Luce and Britton Haden. Luce is a White gentile. I could find nothing on Hadden however the lack of information on his ethnicity despite his high profile, combined with his very gentile name leads me to classify him as “probably gentile.” It’s Chairman and CEO is Joseph A Ripp. “Corporation Wiki” claims he is the chairman of the Jewish Guild for the Blind, however I could find no other source to confirm that. The Jewish Guild for the Blind merged with the organization Lighthouse International in 2013. The New York Times claims that Ripp was the chairman of Lighthouse International before the merge and the vice chairman of the merged organization. I think it is likely that whoever wrote Corporation Wiki confused the two similar organizations. As I could find no other information which would hint at Ripp’s ethnicity I classified him as “unknown.” (Wikipedia, 2015Corporation Wiki, 2015 [archived], New York Times, 2013)

The Hearst Corporation owns Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Elle, and O, The Oprah Magazine. It also has a major presence in television. It was founded by William Randolf Hearst, a White gentile. It’s current chairman is his grandson William Randolf Hearst III, also a White gentile. It’s president and CEO is Steven Swartz. I found nothing on Swartz’s ethnicity.(Wikipedia, 2015Hearst, 2015 [archived])

The Meredith Corporation publishes the following magazines: Ageless Iron, Allrecipes, American Baby, American Patchwork & Quilting, Better Homes and Gardens, Country Life, Diabetic Living, Do-It-Yourself, Eat This,  Not That, EatingWell, Every Day with Rachael Ray, Family Circle, FamilyFun, Living the Country Life, Midwest Living, More, Parents (and its Spanish language counterpart,  Ser Padres), Shape, Siempre Mujer, Successful Farming, Traditional Home, and Wood. It was founded by Edwin T Meredith, a White gentile. It’s chairman and CEO is Steve Lacy. (Wikipedia, 2015) Lacy was born in Kansas and attended Kansas State University, on the other hand he received the “National Human Relations Award” from the American Jewish committee.(Meredith, 2012 [archived]) I am classifying him as “unknown.”

Advance Publications publishes the following magazines: Allure, Architectural Digest, Bon Appetit, Brides, House & Garden, Conde Nast Traveler, Details, Easy Living, Glamour, Golf Digest, Golf World, GQ, Lucky, The New Yorker, Condé Nast Portfolio (defunct; continues as part of Advance’s American City Business Journals), Self, Tatler, Teen Vogue, Vanity Fair, Vogue, W, Wired, and The World of Interiors. It was founded by Samuel Irving Newhouse Sr and is owned by his two sons, Samuel Irving Newhouse Jr, who serves as chairman and Donald Newhouse, who serves as president. Thomas Summer is it’s president, I couldn’t find anything on his ethnicity. (Wikipedia, 2015)

The Reader’s Digest Association publishes Reader’s Digest. It also publishers smaller magazines and books. It was founded by Dewitt and Lila Wallace, both White gentiles.(Wikipedia, 2015) The President and CEO of the RDA is Bonnie Kintzer. The Chairman of the Board is Richard Walker.(Reader’s Digest Association, 2015 [archived]) I could find nothing on Walker’s ethnicity. Kintzer has a Jewish surname and a very Jewish look so I classified her as “probably Jewish.”(LinkedIn, 2015 [archived])

Bonnier AB is a Swedish media company which has acquired 18 American magazines: Parenting, Babytalk, Popular Science, Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, Yachting, MotorBoating, Salt Water Sportsman, Skiing, SKI, TransWorld SKATEboarding, TransWorld SNOWBOARDING, TransWorld MOTOCROSS, TransWorld SURF, ride bmx, QUAD, SHOT BUSINESS and TransWorld business. It was founded in 1804 by Gerhard Bonnier, a Swedish Jew and continues to be owned by his descendants. Tomas Frazen is the CEO of Bonnier. I didn’t find anything on his ethnicity.(Wikipedia, 2015)

Rodale Inc publishes the following magazines: Bicycling, Children’s Health, Men’s Health, Organic Gardening, Prevention, Runner’s World, Running Times, and Women’s Health. IT was founded by J. I. Rodale who was Jewish.(Wikipedia, 2015) It’s chairman and CEO is his granddaughter, Maria Rodale. Rodale writes that “the local country club only admitted my parents in the 1980s because my dad had become so important in the community that they could finally overlook the fact that his father was Jewish.”(Rodale, 2010 [archived]) This implies that her father was only half Jewish, thus I list her as a partial Jew. The Rodale Family still owns Rodale Inc.(Fortune, 2012) Scott D Schulman is the president of Rodale Inc.(Rodale Inc, 2015 [archived]) I found nothing on his ethnicity.

American Media Inc publishes the following magazines: National Enquirer, Star, The Globe, National Examiner, Country Weekly, Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Fitness, Flex, Ok!, and Soap Opera Digest.(Wikipedia, 2015) It was founded by Aurthur Kern.(Crunchbase, 2015) David J Pecker is it’s President, CEO and Chairman.(American Media Inc, 2015 [archived]) Pecker is Jewish.(Tablet Magazine, 2010 [archived]) The company is owned by various private investors.

The National Geographic Society is a nonprofit corporation which publishes National Geographic, National Geographic Kids, National Geographic Little Kids, National Geographic Traveler, and National Geographic Explorer. It had 33 founders, all or at least most of whom were White gentiles. It’s president and CEO is Gary E Knell. It’s chairman is John M Fahey Jr.(Wikipedia, 2015) Knell has a Jewish appearance and is listed as a member of the “president’s advisory board” of the Zimmer Children’s Museum.(Zimmer Children’s Museum Newsletter, 2005 [archived]) The Museum is a Jewish organization as is clear from their website and from that newsletter, making it very likely that Knell is also a Jew. I have classified him as probably Jewish. I couldn’t find anything on the ethnicity of Fahey.

The Bauer Media Group is a large European Media company. It owns the following American magazines: Woman’s World, First for Women, CBS/ABC Soaps in Depth, Celebrate! With Woman’s World, In Touch Weekly, Life & Style Weekly, Closer Weekly, J-14, M, Twist, Yikes, Astrogirl, Quizfest, Girls’ World, LifeStory, Animal Tales, and ID. Bauer media was founded by the Bauer family and is still owned by them.(The Guardian, 2008 [archived]) David Goodchild is it’s CEO.(Bauer Media, 2015 [archived]) The Bauer family is gentile German, conspiracy theorists allege that they are Jewish but there is no evidence of this. I found nothing on the ethnicity of Goodchild.

News Agencies:

Here I will list the two main News Agencies in the United States, the Associated Press and United Press International. AP is much bigger than UPI. Reuters is based in Britain, however since it provides much content to American organizations I will list it here.

AP is a “nonprofit corporation,” founded by many different newspaper owners and editors in 1846. It’s president and CEO is Gary Pruitt. Couldn’t find anything on his ethnicity. It’s chairman is Mary Junck.(Wikipedia, 2015) I can’t be sure about her ethnicity but she grew up on a farm in Iowa and has gentile looks, so I’m classifying her as probably gentile.(Northwest Indiana Times, 2013)

UPI was founded by and is owned by the Unification Church. It was founded by E. W. Scripps. I classified Scripps as “probably Jewish” because he wrote “disquisitions” and Jewish culture.(Ohio University Libraries, 2015 [archive]) It’s CEO, as of July 1 2015, is Jack Dorsey. Dorsey is a White gentile(Wikipedia, 2015) Nicholas Chiaia is the president of UPI.(UPI, 2015) I am classifying him as probably gentile due to his Italian surname.

Reuters is owned by Thomson Reuters Corporation and. It was founded by Paul Reuter, a Jew.

The president and CEO of Thomson Reuters is James C Smith and the chairman is David Thomson.(Reuters, 2015, Wikipedia, 2015) I found nothing on the ethnicity of Smith. Thomson is a descendant of Roy Thomson, a White gentile so I classified him as gentile.

Television Networks:

There are hundreds of television networks, here I only count the top six networks with the highest total viewership as measured by Nielsen for the week ending on June 21.(TV by the Numbers, 2015)

ABC(already listed) is first.

Fox Broadcasting Company is owned by Fox Entertainment Group. It was founded by Rupert Murdoch and Barry Diller. Diller is Jewish. Dana Walden and Gary Newman are the co-CEOs and co-Chairmen.(Wikipedia, 2015) Walden is Jewish.(Abbanibi, 2012 [archived]) Newman is Jewish.(NYTimes, 2008)

CBS(already listed) is third and NBC(already listed) is fourth.

Univision was founded by Raul Cortez, a Hispanic. It is owned by Univision communications. Randy Falco(presumably gentile based on his surname is it’s president and CEO. (Univision, 2015 [archived])

The CW is owned by The CW, LLC, a publicly traded company. Mark Pedowitz is the president of the CW.(CWPress, 2015) He has Jewish name and looks so I classified him as “probably Jewish.”

Parent Companies of the TV Networks:

Here are the parent companies of the TV Networks that have not already been listed:

Univision Communications was founded by A. Jerrold Perenchio, a Hispanic.(Wikipedia, 2015) Randy Falco is it’s president and CEO and Haim Saban is it’s Chairman. Saban is Jewish.(Bloomberg Business, 2015 [archived])

Mark Pedowitz is the President of the CW Network, LLC.(Bloomberg Business, 2015 [archived]) It is a publicly traded company.

Google and Social Media:

Google, Facebook and Youtube are listed here because although they do not create independent content they have the ability and willingness to censor speech and information they do not like. As many more people use these sites than do read the New York Times I think including them is well justified. Youtube and Facebook both ban “hate speech.” Google provides Google News, a news aggregation site. Google News also bans sites that have “hate speech.”

Google was  founded by Larry Page and Sergi Brin, both Jews. Page is it’s CEO and it’s current Chairman is Eric Schmidt.(Wikipedia, 2015) Schmidt is a White gentile.(Algemeiner Journal, 2012 [archived])

Youtube was founded by Jawed Karim, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley. Karim is a Bangladeshi German and Chen is Chinese. I classified Hurley as “probably gentile” due to his name, appearance and lack of any contrary evidence despite his high profile. Susan Wojcicki is the CEO of Youtube, she is half Jewish.(Wikipedia, 2015)

Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg, who is Jewish. Zuckerberg is the chairman and CEO of Facebook.(Wikipedia, 2015)

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