Homosexual Marriage: why my generation supports it.

I am a college student. Why does my generation so overwhelmingly support homosexual marriage? Part of it is the fact that we are very impressionable and the media tells us we are bigots if we oppose it. But this isn’t all. They say the same thing about abortion and affirmative action without getting the same result.

I think it’s a matter of sexual morality. This generation isn’t any more promiscuous than the last, but it is more accepting of promiscuity.

Only a minority of us young males actually participate in the “hook up culture.” But nearly all of us would do so if the opportunity presented itself. And if a man didn’t take that opportunity we’d think he was a sucker.

If an attractive woman we didn’t know came and offered us sex we’d take the opportunity. There would be no emotion, no “love.” It would not be to produce children or continue the race or any of that. It would be somewhat risky, we all know condoms aren’t 100% effective. It would be pure physical pleasure and ego validation, and it would go against traditional Christian teaching.

Since we’d all do that, we see it as entirely arbitrary to discriminate against homosexuals because they do the same thing in real life.

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