Homosexual Marriage and the “Mainstream” Right


The supreme court ruled today that homosexual marriage is now a “constitutional right.” We all saw it coming. This post is about how the official right, mainstream right, neocon right or whatever you want to call it will respond. Above is a screenshot from the National Review website, the top three stories are about gay marriage.

From reading their websites I can summarize their ideology as being concerned mainly with middle eastern issues and reducing the size of government at all costs except the military. They are less concerned with “social issues.” And when they think of “social issues,” they think of only two things: abortion and gay marriage.

Only rarely do they mention crime and affirmative action, and when they do they always try to maintain a semi-PC line, doing their best to ignore issues like interracial crime and the effect of affirmative action on Whites. They used to condemn shows like the Simpsons. Today the TV shows are much worse but they are typically silent unless some conservative politician gets insulted.

Some issues seem to have been totally forgotten. When Sarah Palin was made the vice presidential nominee her teenage daughter Bristol was pregnant. Things like that had always happened in America, what matters is the reaction to it among the Republican Party. Had it happened forty years ago Britsol would have been sent to live with her aunt and kept away from the campaign. But in 2008 not only was Bristol allowed to attend the Republican National Convention, so was the guy who knocked her up! He was treated as if he were part of the family.

Only on the alternative right was there any criticism of this. Republican politicians and the “mainstream” right instead focused on how great it was that she wasn’t getting an abortion. It’s not just Jewish neocons, a lot of the Christian right seems to be fixated on abortion to the exclusion of other moral issues like premarital sex.

When the Bell Curve came out in 1994 National Review dedicated an entire article to it, and it was supportive! Neocons used to advance realistic ideas on education rather than stuff like NCLB and “free market solutions.”

Homosexual marriage on the “mainstream” right will go away in the same way that those issues went away. Every year they will publish less material dedicated to it. They don’t want to alienate too many of their older, religious Christian readership. More and more they will try to “present both sides” by printing articles from “conservatives” who oppose and support it. Eventually they won’t address it at all. And then one day they will start to claim they support it and blatantly deny that they ever thought any differently, just as they do with race today. When I pointed out in the comments section of National Review that Steve Sailer and Jared Taylor both used to write for their magazine, their response was to delete all my posts and permanently ban my IP address.

That’s assuming they are still around, eventually they might outlive their usefulness.

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