Multiple Personalities: John Dolan and Gary Brecher

John Dolan is a Berkely educated American academic. He is undoubtedly smart and a talented writer. But he is also a hypocrite, a liar, and an academic fraud. This essay explores Dolan’s creation of a character for himself: that of ‘Gary Brecher.’ Brecher, the self described “war nerd,” claimed to be a fat, loveless data entry clerk who dropped out of community college and was deeply dissatisfied with his job. While John Dolan was a leftist, Gary Brecher was a right-winger. Dolan was willing and able, for a time, to say the sky is blue to one audience and red to another. This ended when his identities could no longer be kept separate. What ideology does he really believe, in his heart? Or does he even care? Those are questions only John Dolan knows the answer to.

This story will start a month after the 9/11 attacks in an article Dolan wrote for his publication, the eXile. In it Dolan described himself as a “war nerd” and made hateful comments about Muslims, Hindus, and Southerners. The title of the article was “Cleanse the World.” These comments would, nine years later, help get him fired from his job. Dolan wrote:

We have a choice of two scenarios:

1. We can let the world demographic trend continue. In a century the population will be 14 billion devout imbeciles (a nice volatile mix of Hindu and Muslim — what fun Saturday nights will be!). These headless mobs will sooner or later (bet on “sooner”) extirpate whatever remains of the techno cultures that created them, then die back from plague and war — but only after exterminating the truly valuable beings of this planet: the big cats, the birds of prey, the cetaceans, the canids, the mustelidae.

2. We can prune now, using the weapons we possess: nuclear, biological, and/or chemical; and make of the world what we wish. So thorough has been the taboo on this subject that most people still possess childish misconceptions about these weapons. “What about fallout?” Fallout is a choice. It could be used to depopulate areas downwind of the target; but it is also possible to extirpate whole populations with little or no fallout. All that is required is an increase in production of neutron warheads, which could be done in less than a year.(Dolan, 2001)

Is this joking? Is this a parody of the hateful attitudes of the far right? He would probably claim that today, but simply reading the rest of the article in context gives no indication of that. Continued:

Imagine the changes in the world, a week after we grasp the thistle and work our will on the world! Think of the menus, the choice of landscapes, we could make:

(A) Kill Jesus, Yahweh, and Allah in one stroke, by nuking the entire Middle East (except Turkey; Turks are cool). Jerusalem, the most fecund source of vicious delusions in human geography, will be transformed into a lake of glass that can never again infect a soul — as will Mecca, Medina, and Bethlehem. After a few decades of cooling, this vast cleansed landscape becomes a wildlife sanctuary. The Asian lion, now all but extinct, and the Tiger, a zoo curiosity, roam free for thousands of miles. (Bikini Atoll is now the finest wildlife refuge in the Pacific.)

(B) Suez to Burma, Chop-Chop: The demographic situation now is simple: South Asia is a demographic tumor growing out of control. South Asia contains 2 billion people who show no sign of controlling their birthrate on their own. This tumor must be removed. We wipe out every human habitation from the Mediterranean to Burma, cutting the world population by one-third and producing an ash cloud that will instantly eliminate global warming.

(C) Dixie Fried on the Side: Some sticklers might feel that the plans outlined above are unfair in that the U.S. does all the culling without sacrificing any of its own. This is a reasonable objection, and one which most intelligent Americans will find it a pleasure to accommodate, simply by extirpating the human (using the term loosely) population of all those states which seceded in 1861, along with the sunbelt states that waste scarce water on mean old farts who deserve instant death. Let’s do our part! Let the South secede, not just from the Union but from life itself! These states will be our contribution when we depopulate South Asia and the Middle East. Think of the fascinating religious arguments that Southern Baptist fundamentalists can have in the Afterlife, where they will meet Muslim and Hindu imbeciles with the same range of interests and IQ! It’s the right thing to do — and a pleasure, too!

The Overton Window was not quite so far to left as it is in 2015, but such comments, even if “jokes,” would not have been considered acceptable in 2001. One of the reasons Dolan created the character of Brecher was so that express “unacceptable” ideas without harming his academic career.

In his first article as the Gary Brecher character he wrote:

The best war is when you can hate both sides, and that’s how it was with the WTC. I cheered those jets. I work in like a ten-story version of those towers, and I know for a fact that I’m not the only one who perks up every time a plane gets close to the building. Everybody cheers the planes now. Until those planes hit the WTC Nobody dreamed you could knock down an American corporation building. Nobody ever thought one would come down. And when they did, damn. It was like the noche triste, when Aztecs made the Conquistadors bleed for the first time and said, “Hey these aren’t magic six-legged metal monsters, they’re just a bunch of victims like us!”

Then you saw the ragheads having tailgate parties to celebrate the big WTC bbq, and it’s like, Whoa! I get to cheer when Americans die but that doesn’t mean you can, you hairy-ass goats. Bad soldiers too, you could see that because they kept shooting AKs in crowded streets. That’s a 7.76mm round, you idiots, if you fire it into the air it comes to earth you know not where, like on some little kid’s soft-skulled head, and that’s the end of the kid. They’re too stupid to even figure that much out.(Brecher, 2002)

“Gary Brecher” wrote at the same publication John Dolan did, the eXile. Dolan, writing about Brecher as if he were a different person, noted:

Brecher’s critique begins very differently: with a sense of his own huge sinful pleasure in war. That alone would exclude him from American academic discourse. Such feelings belong to the vast chunk of experience our profession has excluded a priori, except when attributed to a very other Other. This sort of hypocrisy is so advanced that one can sit through an entire graduate seminar in Horror Films, as I did at Berkeley, without hearing one whoop of joy at a particularly juicy killing – the whole purpose and pleasure of these very popular films.(Dolan, 2004)

Dolan was managing the eXile at the time he wrote that; he would later take up academic posts at University of Victoria and the American University in Iraq. Dolan clearly understood the dangers of saying certain things.

Dolan identified with the Left:

In fact, the main cause for the demise of the American Left is much more sinister than that. The American Left is responsible for destroying the American Left. I don’t mean that metaphorically. I mean quite literally that anytime the Left starts to get somewhere, you can be sure that a vigilante mob of other Leftists will rise to the occasion to crush it, to make sure they stay as marginalized and ineffective as always. It’s a kind of ghetto envy endemic to the Left – the Right is always rooting for its heroes to succeed. Not the Left. The key for them is to sound Virtuous – and oftentimes that means eating their own in order to promote themselves.(Dolan, 2004)

Where “left” and “right” are depends on where the observer is. Dolan, a leftist, saw the society as being far to the right. I, being a right-winger, could write that same paragraph with “Right” and “Left” replaced. The following paragraph in that article:

Nowhere is this more clear than in the American Left’s envy-fueled lynching of Michael Moore, the only Leftist to make it out of the ghetto. I cannot think of a single American Leftist in my lifetime as effective as Michael Moore, and if Fahrenheit 9/11 is objectively anything at all, it is objectively effective. Bravery is fairly cheap on the Left exchange — you have to be brave to be Left in this Reptilian Age — but to actually get out of the Left’s ghetto, into the debate, and to strike and strike hard…only one managed that, without going soft or becoming “balanced” and “realistic.”


He has single-handedly managed to turn the Right-Wing brutocracy into a pack of whiny fags scrambling to get out of the way of the message that his movie Fahrenheit 9/11 brings, lest it smack them with such a powerful dose of cognitive dissonance that their skulls will burst wide open like that guy in Scanners. They’re so frightened that even the “intellectuals” among the Right have been forced to publicly admit that the only defense against him is to run into the basement, lock the doors, shut off the lights and pray, as revealed in National Review editor Jonah Goldberg’s recent column: “I haven’t seen Fahrenheit 9/11 and I have no intention to. So, if you want to make one of those pious declarations about how you can’t judge the movie unless you’ve seen it, be my guest… I don’t need to know very much about you or your ideas to know that if you think Michael Moore is just great, a truth-teller and a much-needed tonic for everything that is wrong in American life, you are not someone to take seriously about anything of political consequence, or you are French.”

Brecher and Dolan shared a common contempt for neoconservatism and neocons like Jonah Goldberg, but note that nowhere in that article did Dolan use the word neocon. It wasn’t neoconservatism but the “Right” in general that Dolan was opposed to.

Brecher, in contrast “started out conservative.” In this email interview with Steve Sailer, he attacks Bush from the right:

Sailer: What kind of people become war nerds?

Brecher: I’ll say it again: normal Americans. Meaning fat and alone and living paycheck to paycheck in some sweaty shoe box in the Sun Belt. For me it’s Fresno, but the guys who write to me come from all over the country. We’re pro-war and anti-BS. We started out conservative, I guess, or I did anyway. But for me, that’s not good enough any more.

I hate Bush as much as I hate the liberals. He’s a jock straight out of my high school yearbook, and a draft dodger phony, too. He went AWOL and you suckers go all gooey when he puts on his bomber jacket. Makes me sick. I sit in traffic for an hour each way and spend all day in a fuzzy cubicle just so these chicken hawks can talk war when all they care about is money. Only thing in this world I respect, only thing that isn’t total PR, BS yet, is war.


Now it’s gone bad and we’re losing the peace just like I said. I used to be the biggest flag-waving sucker in the world, but the last couple years showed me we’re too dumb to run a birthday party and we should stay home and hope the rest of the world doesn’t find out.(Brecher, 2003)

In another article Brecher writes:

I also got flamed for daring to criticize Dr. Victor D. Hanson, the ivory tower darling of the neocons. I expected that, but what really blew me away is that Hanson’s defenders weren’t so much angry as confused by my angle of attack. They’re used to bashing liberals, and didn’t know what to make of a simple old American nationalist like me.

We’re getting so rare nobody even recognizes one of us when they come across it. We’re like those damn woodpeckers flapping around the swamps, except nobody’s looking for us. Hell, they’d send the exterminator out if they saw one. I can see it now: some van with a big plastic War Nerd head glued on top, a recycled fat-guy mannequin from the old Bob’s Big Boy painted up to look like me, and a slogan: “Kills War Nerds Dead!” They’d call the campaign “The War To End All War Nerds.”(Brecher, 2005)

Of all the “controversial” issues the issue of race and immigration is undoubtedly the most “controversial.” Many leftists will try to be “civil” about issues like economics, but very few will about race. It is non-negotiable, anyone who opposes immigration of non-Whites or Muslims is a “hate mongerer.” The leftist John Dolan is no exception to this rule. In an article published in Alternet, he writes:

Martin Amis’ new book, The Second Plane, is worth discussing only as a symptom of the plague of British right-wing (“Tory”) rhetoric popping up in American conservative discourse. The American right wing, desperate for articulate hate mongers, has taken to importing Tory polemicists to stir the base up against the Muslim/Arab “enemy.”

In mealymouthed America, where most people are shocked by anything stronger than “You know what? I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that,” the Tory writer’s comfortable, familiar stance toward hatred can make an undistinguished hack seem like a powerful voice. That’s why Christopher Hitchens is now the darling of right-wing America. Our homegrown hate mongers, like Ann Coulter, are so painfully amateurish and ham-handed that Hitchens, simply by applying the old Tory hater’s kit, can seem like a master.(Dolan, 2008)

Once again it must be pointed out that there are good reasons why a conservative would not like Hitchens or Coulter. Hitchens is a self identified marxist and Coulter has a history of stupid, inflammatory rhetoric which can best be described by the word “trolling.” But Dolan is not condemning them for this, nor for their support of the Bush administration’s foreign policy. Dolan is condemning them, and others, for being “xenophobes,” for “vilifying” Muslims as “demonized aliens.” Read the rest of the article to get a sense of Dolan’s ideology.

Now compare this to an article Brecher wrote just seventeen days prior. It was written in Taki’s Magazine, a magazine published by Taki Theodoracopulos, who identifies as a paleoconservative. Brecher writes(emphasis added throughout):

Now, even though the balance in conventional warfare is if anything tilting further toward the first world, the technologically advanced and organized countries are in retreat, and the former victims are pushing back, not just claiming their old territories but infiltrating the former colonizers’ countries. What matters now is morale, national will. The Spanish didn’t have it, and the Moroccans did. So even though the Spanish troops could have wiped out those unarmed marchers, they failed to open fire. Weapons are only weapons if you’re willing to use them. A technologically advanced army without the will to fire is no army at all.


Even the older colonial powers, Britain and France, finished the century in big trouble, without the will to resist the new kind of unarmed invasion by immigrants from the colonies they’d once ruled. We’re at a very strange moment militarily: our weapons still work but our will is gone.


So there’s a shocking lesson that military buffs have been slow to face: military superiority doesn’t matter nearly as much right now as birthrate and sheer ruthless will.

Ah, birth rate—funny how it’s become such a taboo subject for both Left and Right. The Lefties wouldn’t dream of telling third-world people to limit their baby-making, and most right wingers can’t bring themselves to endorse birth control even if it could slow the destruction of their own countries.(Brecher, 2008)

Unlike the universalist John Dolan, who seems to think any fear of ‘the other’ is inherently irrational, Brecher lives in a world where ethnic conflict is practiced by non-Whites as well as Whites. Furthermore, immigration can be a vehicle for ethnic conflict just as war can. Continued from that article:

So birth rate is a weapon without a counter-weapon right now. So it tends to win. The Moroccans made it clear that the Green March was all about birth rate. The number of “volunteers” they sent to the border was 350,000, exactly the number of births per year in Morocco. So this was basically a “Lebensraum” argument like the one the Germans tried earlier in the century. You might have heard about that one, a little dust-up called the Eastern Front. And you might be saying right now that if any policy ever failed decisively, it was the Nazis’ attempt to elbow themselves a little living space from Stalin. Which is totally true. But the Nazis tried it the old-fashioned way, with armed conquest.

To succeed in the post-1918 world, the world Woodrow Wilson dreamed up where “small nations” have rights even if they can’t defend them, you need to use slower, less obviously military methods, like birthrate and immigration. Immigration and birth rate actually have one of those “synergistic relationships” New Agers like to yammer about, because immigrant families tend to have more kids than they would have had if they’d stayed home—and the base rate for their home countries is usually way, way more than the locals have in the rich countries they move to.

He gives the example of Kosovo, a small, partially recognized state which saw Albanian Muslims displace Christian Serbs:

The classic example of this kind of slow conquest is Kosovo. The Serbs could always defeat the Albanians on the battlefield, even when outnumbered, but the Albanians had a huge advantage in the most important military production of all—babies. According to the BBC, the birthrate of Kosovo Albanians 50 years ago was an amazing 8.5 children per woman.

The Serb/Albanian conflict offers damn near perfect lab conditions to prove my case that birth rate trumps military prowess these days, because the Serbs always beat the Albanians in battle, yet they’ve lost their homeland, Kosovo. Here again, we can blame Woodrow Wilson and his talk about “rights.”  In places where tribes hate each other, a tribe that outbreeds its rival will become the majority, even if it can’t fight. So, after generations of skulking at home making babies, letting the Serbs do the fighting,  the Albanians finally became the majority in Kosovo and therefore the official “good guys,” being oppressed by the official “bad guys,” the Serbs. At least that’s the way the naïve American Wilsonian types like Clinton saw it. So when the Serbs fought back against an Albanian rebellion in Kosovo, and dared to beat the Albanians, Clinton decided to bomb the Serbs into letting go of Kosovo, the ancient heartland of a Christian nation that had spent its blood holding off the Turks for hundreds of years.

To be fair to the Albanians, the Serbs really did commit war crimes. More from Brecher’s article(emphasis added):

Makin’em rich is the only way you’re going to settle the kind of conquest-by-immigration we’re seeing now in Europe and North America. Nobody will even say honestly how many illegal immigrants there are in the U.S. right now, but just from what I see driving to work, I’m inclined to go with the higher estimates, something up to 20 million people who snuck in from Mexico and points south looking for work.

As far as I know, nobody’s claiming the Latino immigrants decided to have a lot of kids as a way of reconquering Texas and California, the way the Israeli settlers are doing. They had a lot of kids because they were peasants and that’s what peasants do. La reconquista, if it happens, will be an unforeseen result of rising birth rates and falling death rates for countries like Mexico that are just moving up from the third world to, say, the second-and-a-halfth.

It’s not just the American Southwest that is experiencing “conquest by immigration,” fear of conquest by immigration is rational in Europe too. Brecher goes on to say that:

For most people the real worry, if they were allowed to even say it out loud, is culture: if you’re French, you really don’t want Paris turning into Kinshasa, because let’s be honest, Kinshasa is a Hellhole. If you’re English, you don’t want London turning into Karachi, because Karachi is a nightmare. If you’re American, you don’t want Houston—oh Hell, ever been to Houston? If you have half a brain, you don’t want Houston at all, the lousy sweatbox. But I was going to say, you don’t want your U.S. hometown turning into Honduras, because it’s nothing but poverty, heat and parasites.

Brecher goes on to predict that American or European culture will win out, “slowly, un-gloriously but surely,” because the immigrants will assimilate. He seems to assume that race is only skin deep, that all it effects is skin color and face shape. He does not consider that the culture that White people create might be a product of their genetic heritage. It is notable that he says things will be fine only because the immigrants give up their culture and behavior.

The Convergence of Identities

Brecher’s story about being a fat data clerk who dropped out of community college was doubted from the beginning. If you read his pre-2010 articles it is easy to see why. Brecher is clearly smart and a very talented writer. The idea that he is a community college dropout is hard to believe. John Dolan, as Brecher’s fellow eXile writer, was one of the suspects for the real author of Brecher’s articles. Circumstantial evidence appeared indicating a connection between the two. Strong evidence came from Dolan’s book Pleasant Hell, published in 2004. From Wikipedia:

In the memoir, Dolan writes of obsessively studying military history and Jane’s manuals while binging on junk food in the basement of a UC Berkeley library building in the mid-seventies. In one War Nerd column, Brecher writes, “I used to spend every free hour, back before there was an internet, going over those big heavy reference books in the library: Jane’s Tanks, Jane’s Missile Systems, Jane’s Combat Vehicles.“(Wikipedia, 2015)

Dolan, however, did not address the issue. And he might have been able to say that such speculation was just that: speculation. As far as I know the first time he admitted to his identity was in his description on the website of the American University in Iraq:

Dolan has published seven books, such as The War Nerd, Pleasant Hell, and People with Real Lives Don’t Need Landscapes as well as hundreds of articles and reviews under his own name and several others. In addition, he has been interviewed on NPR, Radio NZ, Radio Moskva, and has been reviewed by outlets all over the world.(American University in Iraq, 2010)

I don’t know when this was published, as far as I know this was first noted in September of 2010 on Wikipedia.(Wikipedia, 2010)

In November of 2010 he spoke for the first time about his Brecher identity, describing Brecher as “a more honest version of who I really am.”(Dolan, 2010)

The Firings

Dolan relocated to Canada in 2006, getting a job in the University of Victoria. He claims to have been fired from the university for encouraging students to criticize George Monbiot in 2008.(Dolan, 2009) Dolan than experienced poverty.(Dolan, 2008)

In 2009 Dolan got a job teaching at the American University in Iraq-Sulaimaniya(AUI-S), which aims to provide an American style education to Iraqis. He was fired from the university and wrote an Alternet article about his experiences. In short he claims he taught in the university which was dominated by conservatives,(who he, consistent with his John Dolan persona, has a low opinion of) until the incompetent neocon John Agresto was made aware of his eXile writings and fired him for one article which Agresto claimed was racist. Dolan claimed the article could only have been racist against Whites, which wouldn’t be possible as Dolan is White.(Dolan, 2010) In the article Dolan expressed his strong opposition to the Iraq war and his hatred of those who support it. Read the article yourself if you think hatred is too strong a word. Here is the letter Dolan cited in the alternet article which was sent to him by Agresto(emphasis added):

Dear John Dolan, We have a problem, which has just now come to our attention.  Please see this:  This link is attributed to you.  Absent your correction, we presume it is you. The obscenity and racism included in this link, and others not unlike it, are vile. They are, moreover, anathema to everything this university represents.  If this piece, and especially the image it contains, were ever made public in Iraq, your life, our lives, and the life of the university would be in danger.

Given this situation we have no choice but to: (1) ask that you resign; or (2) pay you for the remainder of your current contract and cancel your new contract.
As a courtesy to you and Katherine we will box up and ship your goods to an address in the US or Canada that you provide us.
John Agresto

Why is the “image” important? Agresto writes in response to Dolan’s article:

But, still, why do I say that John Carrol Dolan is not only a liar but also an Academic Fraud?  Here’s why: When members of the faculty brought me evidence of Dolan’s lack of suitability for a position at this or, I dare say, any university, what bothered them most was a picture he posted in one of his articles showing a blonde woman (ostensibly mocked-up to be Ann Coulter) smiling as she’s being graphically gang-raped by four Arab men. (“Short, dark and hairy Middle Eastern men,” as Dolan describes them.) (“Oh Annie, you little fascist flirt, you know you want it,” he writes.) It was a picture and text described by his faculty colleagues as “filthy,” disgusting,” “triple X pornography.”

It was this picture that I specifically cited when I wrote Dolan asking him if this was indeed his doing and, if so, that he no longer had a position at this university. (I did not make this determination on my own. It was the unanimous conclusion of a committee of two faculty, the chancellor, and me.) What was Dolan’s response?  To publish an article pretending that this was all political, that the “neo-cons” were out to get him, and that he didn’t see anything wrong with the article I cited – indeed, he provided a link to it.  The only problem is, the article he links us to now has the picture totally expunged! Any writer, any intellectual, any academic who tries to deceive his readers by changing what he wrote and depicted after the fact and making believe he never wrote it, is a fraud.(Agresto, 2010)

Indeed, if you click the eXile link as it exists in 2015 you won’t see the picture there.(The eXile, 2015) But if you use the Wayback machine you can see the pornographic picture.(The eXile, 2007) This is a clear, unambiguous example of academic fraud. Dolan also tried to claim that it was only that one eXile article which got him fired. However, Agresto cites the “Cleanse the World” article I mentioned in the beginning of this essay:

As you might notice, putting the words “Muslim” and “imbeciles” together is one of Dolan’s favorite motifs.  Quite sensible for a person who would like to continue teaching in Iraq, no? And no doubt conducive to the safety of his colleagues and the security of the university.  Still, John Dolan was eager to teach these “imbeciles” provided the pay was good enough.

The new Gary Brecher:

Dolan continued to write, as did Brecher. Dolan got a teaching job in Kuwait, Brecher now wrote about living there. Brecher had previously claimed to be a data clerk who lived in Fresno, California. He must of assumed that his regular readers knew his real identity by them.

During this time Brecher started reading a lot like Dolan with far left political views. Referring to the Nigerian civil war he said:

If Biafra had survived, it would be the tech capital of Africa by now, and a serious competitor for the West. Maybe that explains why the West was so eager to crush the Igbo. Harold Wilson’s government in the UK went all-out to help the Nigerian Army, even as British people were donating millions of dollars to send food to the starving Biafrans.(Brecher, 2013)

Referring to Islam(links in origional):

Rosenwald has helped funnel millions of dollars to rightwing “pro-Israel” causes. In its 2011 report on the U.S. “Islamophobia network,” the Center for American Progress identified the Anchorage and Rosenwald foundations as key financial backers of anti-Islamic messaging in the United States… So there’s your source, a hate site that’s been funding scum like Daniel Pipes and David Horowitz for years. Gatestone even “rolled out the red carpet” for far-right Dutch loon Geert Wilders. I’m not one of the “Islam is always right” doormats, but these people are genuine, old-school bigots who just plain hate all Muslims. You should think twice, and then a few more times, before you take any story on faith from a source like that, even if the story is that the sun shines in the day time.(Brecher, 2014)

Brecher also made bizarre criticisms of the left. Brecher claimed that:

It’s clear enough: Islamic State, the hope of middle-class Wahaabis around the world and darling of way too many idiot Western Leftists, is dying—wailing away like a soprano, but still dying.(Brecher, 2015)

Perhaps he felt he needed to do something to keep alive the lie of his character being an “American nationalist.”

The most bizarre article was one where he wrote that the Union army should have murdered Confederate officers. Every officer, he said, deserved death, but it would have been more prudent to leave the old, incompetent and corrupt ones alive. He writes such nonsense as:

And if you’re looking for good legal cause to hang ol’ Wade, you won’t have much work to find it. Hampton talked his head off to Sherman’s officers, late in the war, as they arranged the surrender of Johnston’s forces, and his main theme, as recorded in multiple Union officers’ memoirs, is shooting deserters and “recruiting” new troops at gunpoint. Military life, for Hampton and many another Confederate officer in the last year of the war, consisted of rounding up deserters, shooting every one who didn’t seem useful, and re-enlisting the rest by holding a pistol at their head until they sang “Dixie” in the proper key. There’s no knowing how many Union men Hampton killed, but he boasted about killing dozens of reluctant Confederates.(Brecher, 2015)

Hanging deserters and drafting men, such a war crime! Brecher’s mentality is the mentality of the Bolshevik. I do not mean that as hyperbole. He advocates murder of people for their political views.

Getting fired again:

Brecher claims he was fired from a Kuwaiti job for “pro Hindu bias” in an article he wrote about Kashmir. Despite still writing under the Brecher name he wrote the article as if he were Dolan:

He waved some printouts at me. One of the men behind me said something about “War Nerd,” and I finally had some idea of what universe we were in. But it wasn’t ’til the next day, lying in bed trying to make sense of what had happened, that I realized Doctor Abdullah and Sherri the Revert had printed out an old War Nerd column I did from the very early post-9/11 era, when I was writing in full character as Gary Brecher, an under-employed data-entry clerk in Fresno. Tasked with writing about the current round of India-Pakistan playground woofing on the Kashmir front, I’d tried to imagine what a guy like Brecher—and I grew up with hordes of ’em —would have thought, and it seemed pretty obvious he’d have sneered at the whole elaborate bluff, always ending in no war at all, or in a ridiculous little skirmish at most.

Somehow, the Sherri/Adbullah brain trust had taken that old article and derived from Gary’s redneck contempt for the whole Indo/Pak pantomime an unforgivable pro-Hindu, anti-Muslim (which is to say, pro-India, anti-Pakistan) slant. Apparently it’s my fault that Pakistan lost every war it fought with India.(Brecher, 2015)

He goes on to write that he traveled to East Timor and his wife was fired for an article he wrote. Due to his dishonesty about the AUI-S story I can’t trust that he’s telling the truth about these firings.

Conclusion and Speculations about Dolan’s motives:

Dolan’s experience of ideological dishonesty is not rare. How many of the liberal authors, columnists, and academics do not truly believe their ideology? How many secretly suspect that women are not as rational as men, that Blacks are not as smart as Whites, that immigration harms the economic position of working class natives? Implicit association tests reveal that many “liberals” hold the same biases and stereotypes their ideology condemns. This is portrayed as an “unconscious bias,” but it’s not unconscious for all of them.

John Dolan will likely continue to write, and he’ll continue to be read by people who have no idea of his dishonesty. But if history remembers him at all it will be as a hypocrite and a liar.

What does John Dolan really believe? Here are some possibilities:

1. His real views are those of the old Gary Brecher and he is hoping to get a job in academia. It isn’t working out so well for him so far, he has been going from one third world country to another.

2. Like a lot of people, he has “far right” views which he is ashamed of having. If you are reading this you probably have strong political views. Are those views a conscious choice? If you put your mind to it, could you change them to their polar opposites? Dolan has a low opinion of Muslims. He can’t wake up tomorrow and start thinking more highly of them. But he feels ashamed because he also believes that such feelings are morally wrong. So he attacks “Islamophobia” in others.

3. Dolan simply cannot see the contradiction between his left wing views as Dolan and his right wing views as Brecher. “Left” and “Right” are just words to him. It would require a lot of self deception for him to truly believe this.

4. Dolan simply doesn’t like White people or Western Civilization. Will Islamic immigration be bad for the West? Then that’s a good thing to him.

5. He doesn’t believe in any ideology, or simply doesn’t care. He thought it would be a good idea to write on both sides due to a desire for money or readership. Only being a “liberal” or a “conservative” limits one’s potential readership pool to liberals or conservatives. Having two identities allowed Dolan to build a readership base of people of many political persuasions.

As I said at the start of this essay, only John Dolan knows the truth. And, based on his past behavior, I have little doubt it’s a truth he’ll take with him to his grave.

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2 Responses to Multiple Personalities: John Dolan and Gary Brecher

  1. Mac says:

    Great article, Jason! For a follow-up article, maybe you could explore the overt hawkishness and astounding bigotry of noted right-wing singer-songwriter Randy Newman:


  2. Jimmy Veloju says:

    I think the whole alias business and saying different things under a different name (after all if both “names” say the same thing it becomes more obvious that they are the same guy, right?) is totally justified – Here’s why: Dolan correctly predicted that if his real name was attached to these columns he’d get fired by employers. And he did, in Kuwait (by the Kuwaiti Armed Forces) and Iraq (by neocons running the American University of Iraq), and he was forced to flee East Timor for similar reasons.

    BTW Dolan has made the right call on groups of rightwingers and on Pakistan


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