Will Money be Banned?

From 1990 until the present day the crime rate in Sweden changed little, the murder rate, the most reliable of crime statistics, has increased slightly.(Wikipedia, 2015) Throughout that time, the proportion of immigrants in Sweden has continually increased. Of the crimes in Sweden “one quarter were committed by people born overseas, while almost 20 percent were committed by those born in Sweden to one or two parents born abroad.”(The Local, 2005 [archived]) The decline in the crime rate of native Swedes almost exactly makes up for the increasing number of criminal immigrants. But there is no guarantee Sweden’s ethnic Swedes will see their crime rate continue to go down at such a rate, and the number of immigrants can always be increased, as the general consensus in Sweden, whether on the “left” or the “right,” seems to be that Sweden needs a lot more immigrants.(National Review, 2014 [archived])

Unlike Sweden’s, America’s immigrants do not commit more crime than natives and may even commit less. But this could change. America’s immigrants are mainly Hispanics and Asians, but perhaps twenty years hence it will have had increased legal immigration to something like 3 million a year,(it’s currently 1 million) and will now take in more African and Muslim immigrants, like Sweden.

If the crime rate starts increasing, what will the powers that be do? Perhaps nothing, it will mainly effect the immigrants themselves and the poor natives unfortunate enough to have to live and work near them. But if they must do something, because of political pressure or because some of them actually care about crime victims, what will they do?

Maybe they will ban paper money, replacing it with numbers in a bank account. Virtually every merchant in the country already accepts debit and credit cards, and most of us have them. Vending machines can be made to accept cards. In Sweden, even the buses do not accept cash, according to the IBTimes.(Internal Business Times, 2012 [archive])

Phones will be used to enable small transactions between people and the occasional yard sale, my old barbecue for 15 ‘dollars’ in your bank account. A few of these transactions are fine, too many and the government, which takes records of all the data, starts to think you are a thief selling stolen goods or a drug dealer or someone trying to evade taxes. This would also greatly reduce corruption, preventing employers from paying ‘under the table.’ In America today small business owners who are paid in cash regularly pocket some of the money and do not report it to the IRS, reducing their tax bill in the process. This would be much harder without cash. Not impossible, just look at Bernie Madoff, but much harder.

A drug dealer could always use something else as a currency, but he is still going to need groceries from the grocery store, liquor from the liquor store, clothes from he clothes store, ect, for which he will need money in his bank account to buy. Perhaps he can make a deal with his regular clients, you bring me liquor, you bring me creamed corn….

There’s another attraction, banning cash would allow interest rates to be reduced below zero, essentially allowing banks or the government to place a tax on saving.(Yglesias, 2011 [archive])

People will have a sentimental attachment to money, but that’s all it will be. Abandoning it won’t seriously interfere with any law abiding person’s life and the attachment to it will be denounced as “irrational.” People don’t seem to have a problem with all their purchases being recorded by credit card companies now. Politically Correct libertarian types will denounce the banning as a violation of “freedom,” without mentioning the cause of the increasing crime. Their arguments will make a certain amount of sense but will be no match for the promise of great reductions in crime. Security will win out over liberty.

White nationalist types often claim that, if immigration and multiculturalism runs its course the result will be to reduce Western societies to the level of the third world. But I think that technology will allow the government to exert stricter control over the population, preventing much of the crime and low level corruption we associate with third world societies.

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